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Welcome to the Total Gym shop, the number one place for workout equipment, accessories and DVDs. Within our product range, we have a complete selection of exercise machines including home workout machines, commercial fitness equipment and accessory packages so you can get even more from your Total Gym. Our Pilates package, for examples, makes a host of Pilates exercises accessible whilst our Total Gym strength accessories pack introduces new strength training exercises to your Total Gym Encompass or PowerTower. 

Once you have all the Total Gym workout equipment you need, explore our wide range of workout DVDs which will show you how to get a fantastic workout from your machine. From traditional and evolved Pilates to circuit workouts we have DVDs for all kinds of exercises each utilising the many functions and capabilities of Total Gym workout equipment. Explore our full Total Gym range and its various categories including workout machines, accessories and DVDs to find the perfect workout setup for you, your needs and your goals.