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Rowing Machine Workout

No matter your fitness level, rowing machines can provide you with a comprehensive workout to help you meet your fitness goals. At Total Gym, we have designed rowing machines that are compact, making them easy to store away so that you can hit those exercise goals right from the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you.

Aerobic exercise is important to your overall health. It can help you to reduce the risk of many conditions such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and more. Including aerobic exercise in your routine therefore can have a huge benefit to your health.

Rowing offers a great low impact cardio workout allowing you to get that important aerobic exercise in whilst protecting your joints. A rowing machine can help to work your arms, legs and core for a total and complete full-body workout. With our Total Gym Recovery Series Rower, you can also enjoy both a strength and cardio workout through our full-body resistance design.

Row Trainers

Our Total Gym Row Trainer enables you to emulate a brilliant rowing workout in the comfort of your home. Whether you live somewhere with space or a smaller apartment, the Total Gym Recovery Series rower is foldable making it easy to store so that you can access only when you need to.

So how does our Row Trainer work? The Total Gym rowers utilise adjustable bodyweight resistance and works to mimic the movements of rowing. The variable resistance allows you to add a strength training element to what is traditionally a cardio workout. Our rowers are built on an incline so that you can work all muscle groups in one fluid movement.

Buy Rowing Machines

At Total Gym we have the best rowing machines on the market. The pinnacle of total body gym equipment that gives you a thorough workout, the Recovery Series foldable rowing machine is the only home gym machine you need for strength, cardio and an all-round fantastic workout.

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