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Add the Strength Package to your Total Gym Encompass or PowerTower. The Strength Package comes with six accessories to add additional strength training exercises to your Total Gym workout.

Includes the Press Bar, Dip Bars, Squat Handle Bar, Weight Bar, SCRUNCH Accessory and 3Grip Pull-up Bar to help develop increased muscle mass, tone and definition.

*Dip Bars Are No Longer Available As Part Of The Accessory Package In The UK & Ireland Territories

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Product Benefits

The Total Gym Strength Package includes accessories that allow you to perform a variety of muscle building exercises for high performance strength training.

Providing the most common tools for workouts on Total Gym, the Strength Package offers additional options for traditional strength workout exercises.

Benefits for the individual exerciser:

  • Compatible with Total Gym PowerTower and GTS
  • Add increased resistance to your exercise program
  • Engage the core for stabilization
  • Target abdominals
  • Intensify military press exercises for increased upper body strength
  • Isolate all three heads of triceps with Dip Bars
  • Provide security and safety during squat exercises
  • Offer three distinct grip positions for Pull-up exercises


Product Features

The Total Gym Strength Package includes the following accessories:

Press Bar
For military-style press exercises with two grips.

Dip Bars
Perform dips in an isolated place.

Weight Bar
Add additional standard weight plates to achieve greater weight resistance above and beyond bodyweight.

Squat Handle Bar
Provides a solid handhold during squat exercises.

SCRUNCH Accessory
Stretch, strengthen and stabilize your entire core for targeted abdominal workouts.

3Grip Pull-up Bar
Get three distinct grip positions for pull-ups: wide, narrow and hammer.

Product Specs

  • 5 accessories
  • Included Equipment: Press Bar, Squat Handle Bar, Weight Bar, SCRUNCH Accessory, 3Grip Pull-up Bar

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