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Increase functional abilities and accelerate patient outcomes safely and gradually with the most comprehensive Total Gym accessory package.

The Total Gym Clinical Package comes with a complete assortment of accessories to support clinicians in the utilization of Total Gym® —from rehabilitation to sport-specific power training and progress assessments.

Everything needed to maximize training protocols on the Total Gym Power Tower

* Total Power Tower Equipment detailed in the picture is not included in the clinical package and can be purchased separately.

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    Yielding outstanding results at every level, this package provides all the stations of a strength circuit into one complete workout machine for a full body workout.

    Benefits for the individual exerciser:Training applications and biomechanics:
    • Motorized tower provides ability to change incline resistance while a user is on the unit
    • Short, efficient, full body workout producing quantifiable , observable outcomes
    • Recruits core abdominal and back muscles in every exercise
    • Increased strength and endurance
    • Improved coordination and balance
    • Weight and inch loss, improved BMI
    • Increased metabolism
    • Enhanced functional performance of daily activities and athleticism
    • Cardio-endurance gains during resistance training
    • Low impact, safe, complete back support
    • Reliable tool for assessing lower body strength
    • Closed-chain partial loading of the joints
    • Work in all three cardinal planes plus multi-plane (3-D) movement
    • Unrestricted range of motion
    • Adjust cable-pulley force angles based on client size, girth, and training objective
    • Train prime stabilizers & proprioception
    • Activity-specific work hardening, including sports-specific movement
    • Explosive plyometric training for upper & lower extremities
    • Full body support, joint friendly, non-compressive
    • Over 250 exercises & variations


    The Total Gym GTS Clinical Package includes the following accessories:

    Closed Chain Platform
    For early closed-chain functional movement patterns in a partially loaded environment.

    BAPS Adapter
    Provides attachment point for Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS board).

    Slide Distance Regulator
    Provides control and safety by enabling you to set the rolling distance of the glideboard.

    Leg Pulley System
    Engage a full complement of leg exercises covering the entire spectrum of resistance training.

    Squat Handle Bar
    Provides a solid handhold during squat exercises.

    SCRUNCH Accessory
    Stretch, strengthen, and stabilize the entire core for targeted abdominal strengthening.

    Weight Bar
    Add additional standard weight plates to achieve greater weight resistance.

    Press Bar
    For military-style press exercises with two grips.

    Dip Bars
    Perform dips in an isolated plane.

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