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This multi-purpose exercise machine is designed for unrivalled workout versatility and all-round results, making it super easy to target every muscle in your body. Get fit, tone your body, build strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and stretch out after a great workout, all in the comfort of your own home on this one machine!
The ultimate home gym, over 60 different exercises can be performed on the Total Gym 1100. A complete body workout can be yours in as little as 10 to 20 minutes! It’s built with a number of calibrated levels so you can tailor to your own fitness level!

• All ROUND RESULTS: Sculpt, tone and define your body from head to toe in the comfort of your home. uses just your own bodyweight for resistance, perfect for virtually any age or fitness level
• A COMPLETE WORKOUT: With over 50 exercises, the Total Gym 1100 provides all you need in a home gym.
• IVE-IN-ONE: Combines a bodyweight gym, core trainer, Pilates reformer, glute machine and cardio HIIT all in one machine for incredible versatility
• FEATURES: Pull Up, Wing Bar Attachment, Pilates kit, numerous Total Gym TV on-line workouts
• QUALITY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Comes fully assembled and can fold for easy storage under a bed, against a wall or in cupboard

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Weight34.47 kg
Dimensions231.14 × 40.64 × 110.49 cm

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