Stacking Plyo Box – 15cm


Stacking Plyo Box – 15cm

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The FunctionalFitness Stacking Soft Plyometric Box Set features 4 heights, 15cm (6”), 30cm (12”), 45cm (18”) and 60cm (24”) which can be assembled in numerous different configurations. Each box features 2 Velcro strips, allowing it to be securely fastened to the others in the set for added stability during use. The boxes are constructed from a robust, shock absorbing foam core covered in a high quality 1000D PVC Cover featuring an aesthetically pleasing design. The boxes foam construction means that it reduces impact on knee, ankle and hip joints, limiting the possibility of injury. It also protects against injuries which may be sustained from a fall against the box during use. The cover is non-slip, making the box suitable for use on all different types of floor and can be easily wiped clean after use. The differing heights of each of the sections makes this product ideal for both beginners and advanced users alike, with the potential to increase heights gradually as you improve incorporating a whole host of new exercises into your workout. These Plyo Boxes are fully commercial grade and exclusive in the UK to CJI Retail Limited.

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT – The FunctionalFitness Stacking Soft Plyometric Boxes offer a wide range of different configurations from just 1 product. A total of 10 different jump heights can be configured when the full set is purchased. With landing heights of 15cm (6”), 30cm (12”), 45cm (18”) and 60cm (24”) it allows you to incorporate a whole host of new exercises into your workouts whilst enabling the product to cater for anyone from a beginner right through to an advanced user.
  • HIGH QUALITY, SHOCK ABSORBING FOAM CORE – The FunctionalFitness Stacking Soft Plyometric Boxes have a shock absorbing foam core to minimise impact on Hip, Knee and Ankle joints upon landing, thus increasing comfort and reducing the likelihood of the user sustaining an injury
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE, NON-SLIP PVC COVER – The FunctionalFitness Stacking Soft Plyometric Boxes feature a non-slip PVC Cover made from the highest quality 1000D PVC. This cover is manufactured to withstand a huge amount of wear and tear and is non-slip to allow the box to be used on any floor surface, whilst also making it easier to grip underfoot on landing. It is also idea for an commercial or home environment given its wipe clean nature making it easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • IDEAL FOR SCHOOLS, GYMS, HEALTH CLUBS AND HOMES – The FunctionalFitness Stacking Soft Plyometric Boxes have been rigorously tested to ensure that they will withstand the harshest of environments. The aesthetically pleasing cover design makes them ideal for a home, where a duller cover may not been as pleasant but also as a statement piece of equipment in a commercial environment
  • EXCEPTIONAL VALUE FOR MONEY – The FunctionalFitness Stacking Soft Plyometric Boxes offer exceptional value for money, costing more than £100 less than some identical products on the market. FunctionalFitness produce exceptional quality pieces of kit at even better prices. They are trusted by many of the nations leading names in the Health, Fitness and Leisure Industries and their products can be found in homes, gyms and establishments across Europe.

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