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SCRUNCH Accessory

The SCRUNCH Accessory facilitates simple to advanced progression of abdominal workouts that lengthen and sculpt  abdominals and oblique muscles. Differeing from other ab crunch equipment, the SCRUNCH Accessory supports proper posture, stabilizes the upper body and engages the entire core musculature for a strong, lean mid-section. The unique positioning of this accessory enables closed-chain exercises that fortify muscles and bones. Opposite to a normal crunch done on the floor or on traditional crunch machines, user’s legs drive abdominals in every SCRUNCH for overall function and correct biomechanics. Perfect for any fitness level.

Gym Compatibility: Total Gym Sport 5100-01, Total Gym GTS 5200-01 and Total Gym PowerTower 5300-01

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    Angular Core Resistance Training for the Abs

    • Target abdominals
    • Sculpt oblique muscles
    • Strengthen the back
    • Conduct rotational movements or inversion movements, including sprint starts, pikes and single leg explosion

    Attaches at top or bottom of the rails.

    • 2 attachment locations at the top or bottom rails
    • Easy-to-pull attachment knobs
    • Ergonomic grip bar for stabilization
    • High density foam cushion with box-stitchd vinyl upholstery

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