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The Physiotherapy Recovery Encompass incline trainer is designed to meet the rigorous demands of any seasoned athlete. With over 250 different exercises, the Recovery Encompass is a complete workout machine that is able to deliver a full-body workout. Unlike most complete gym equipment, the Total Gym Encompass is designed to use a percentage of a person’s own body weight as resistance.

Users work multiple muscle groups together for a complete workout that challenges proprioception and core stabilizers by integrating multi-plane movement and unrestricted range of motion in nearly every exercise.

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Product Features

For early closed-chain functional movement patterns in a partially loaded environment.

Provides attachment point for Biomechanical Ankle Platform System (BAPS board).

Provides a solid handhold during squat exercises.

Provides control and safety by enabling you to set the rolling distance of the glideboard.

Warranties and Shipping

• Frame – 5 years
• Moving Parts– 1 year
• Upholstery – 90 days

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