Pilates Reformer Machines

Transform and tone your body at home or in the studio with our range of Pilates equipment.


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Fitness And Pilates

Pilates is a form of fitness for all. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or brand new to fitness, Pilates exercises can help you transform your body by improving your range of motion, blood circulation, and core strength and even have a straightening and stabilising effect on your posture. Pilates is the perfect fitness methodology for those who are looking to use their body weight to create tension to challenge their body and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Our versatile Pilates equipment can adapt to any ability level.

Pilates has been known to help with aches and pains around the body as well as building strength and muscle, so can be adapted to suit a wide range of health and fitness goals. There is a multitude of movements and sequences that can be performed using your body or these can be pushed further by using specialist Pilates reformers and machines.

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Pilates Reformer Machines

If you’re looking to completely transform your workout, a Pilates reformer can help you do just that. Available to purchase from our online store, our Pilates reformers are a uniquely designed machine that leverages your body weight and resistance to help you perform a wide range of movements that target specific muscle groups. Reformers often have various accessories that assist with a range of movements such as pulleys and straps to help you get the best out of your Pilates workout and achieve a wider range of motion where possible.

The Total Gym Recovery Series has been designed to mimic that of traditional Pilates reformers. They can provide you with the same ability to stretch and perform movements whilst giving you the ability to try out different styles of workout too. With our Total Gym Power Tower & Total Gym Encompass having a glideboard, pulley system and various bar attachments, you can perform over 250 variations of exercises to create the perfect workout for you.

In addition to your Power Tower or Encompass, instructor led virtual workout programming and exercises are available to be streamed from any device via the Total Gym YouTube and Total Gym TV channel BSIC with all of this content included free of charge for all of your training requirements.

Pilates Movements To Perform On a Total Gym Machine or Reformer

The Total Gym Pilates equipment is perfect if you are looking for Pilates machines to use at your home or studio anywhere in the UK. Equipped with a range of attachments, you can perform a wide variety of Pilates movements when using the machine such as…


Roll Up

Heels Point & Flex

Spine Stretch

Singe Leg Kick Pull Up


Double Leg Circles


Side Bend

Tiger Stretch

Torso Twist


and much more!

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