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 How to Fit In Your Fitness!

Running out of time these days?

We polled the Total Gym team and got some great tips to help you out!

Schedule a time to work out. Make a plan. Block out time the same as you would a meeting or any other appointment. Then don’t cancel.

Be an early bird. Get up, get out and get it out of the way! You can’t make excuses at the end fo the day if you have already done the work.

Make it a family affair. Beach games? Family hike? Backyard baseball? Grab your kids, partner, roommate and get it done together!

Find it into your daily routine. Make your busy schedule work for you. Park at the end of the parking lot. Always take the stairs. Take that conference call while going on a walk.

Break it up. All the minutes count, whether you do them together or 10 at a time.

Make the Netflix work for you. We all want to watch the new season of Stranger Things, so use the time to multitask. Core work, anyone

Take the gym home. We may be biased, but having a Total Gym GTS in your house makes it 100% easier to “get to the gym”.

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