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The need for home gym equipment has been on the rise and for good reason. With the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdowns that have been put into place, there’s no better time to create a space in your home for working out and keeping fit. With the possibilities of further restrictions being put into place and the unknown of how long we’ll be enduring this, working out from home has never been more important.

A lot of people turn to fitness as a form of mental wellbeing as well as physical and for those times where the motivation to get to the gym may be low, having your own home gym can sometimes make those tough days easier. Giving you a place to train in your own time, in your own company, to your own music and not feel rushed off any machines in the weights area!

For a lot of people at this time, working out from home may be completely new. For some of us, we may be used to using actual fitness equipment (as opposed to just our bodies!) to work out with and may need a little additional help to keep up the momentum. If you’re looking to create a home gym for yourself, here are a few tips and some things to consider.


Your Current Space

Assessing your current space is a must, as it will influence what equipment you buy (if any!). Often, a lot of home gyms are built in garages or sheds or even set up in the garden itself. But unfortunately, this isn’t an option that’s available to everyone, meaning that some may have to get creative with the type of equipment that is needed. Consider the options that are obvious to you, but also look at what you could do with the space you have. Can you push your furniture aside to create more space? Do you have a spare room that doesn’t have much purpose? This is exactly where to begin.


Money, Money, Money

The next element to consider is your budget and this is where multi-purpose products come into consideration. You may have the urge to buy machines or equipment that have a sole purpose, but then they most likely can’t be used in a variety of ways. Look for pieces of equipment that are multi-purpose and that you can perform a whole catalogue of exercises with, this gives you more possibilities of workouts and movements which will keep you from becoming bored with your routine and also saves you a lot of money long term!


Think Long Term & Think Goals

It may be a quick fix, for now, to go out and purchase every piece of fitness equipment available but consider whether you’ll be using these pieces in a year or two to come. Consider what your fitness goals are and how you can use them to guide your purchases.

Are you looking for something affordable that won’t take up as much space? You could consider looking into workouts that are being streamed online right to your mobile or laptop. Although this may be new for some, Total Gym has been doing this for years through their Total Gym TV service that uses celebrity PT’s and trainers to provide you with the latest workouts to be done at home.


Types of Kit

There is an endless amount of varieties of kit available to workout with. From rowers to kettlebells, resistance bands to yoga mats, barbells to dumbbells – the options go far and wide. If you’re looking for something with a real multipurpose, Total Gym machines can offer a complete, wide range of movements for you, working with both your body weight and resistance to perform over 250 different exercises with just one piece of kit. They also fold away so that they can be stored safely and don’t take up too much room unnecessarily.


Hopefully, this post has clarified a few, important things for you to consider when investing in pieces of equipment for your very own home gym. We must continue to invest in our health and fitness but in a way that is suitable for us as individuals and with what equipment and space we have available to us!

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