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Total Gym Is The Best Home Fitness Equipment Range For Your Total Fitness

The Total Gym personal training system is the universal home gym for full-body workouts. Now you can find the Total Gym amongst a complete home gym equipment range for an even more comprehensive home workout. Total Gym home fitness equipment works on your upper body, lower body, core and cardiovascular system. It is designed to strengthen and tone all muscle groups by forcing you to lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity. This activity creates fluid resistance and helps burn fat fast, helping you lose weight and become leaner. Total Gym home fitness equipment is ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced users who are wanting to save time and workout in the comfort of their own home. Total Gym provides strength, cardio, sculpt, Pilates, stretch and physiotherapy applications all in one machine. When you purchase a Total Gym Home Fitness model you also qualify for Total Gym TV basic which allows you virtual on-line celebrity PT workouts that can be streamed on any device.

Total Gym Home Fitness Equipment

Total Gym’s home gym equipment range makes a customisable workout available to you any time of the day, regardless of your fitness level.

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