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Get Motivated!

The hustle and bustle slowing you down? We’ve got the solution!


If you don’t normally workout with music, try. Recent studies and research suggest that working out with music not only improves your mental acuity while you train, but also helps you train longer and harder since you’re more focused on the rhythm of the music than the difficulty of your exercises.

Avoid predictability by mixing things up on your MP3 player. While you may have a favourite artist or band, listening to just one record will not result in waking up your fitness routine. Create playlists with various artists and songs with different beats. An unexpected change in tempo can rev up your workout and challenge you without you even realizing.

Change of Scenery:

A change of scenery is also key. (Although we know you love working out at home on your Total Gym!) There is nothing like taking a workout outdoors for a change of pace and fresh air. Indulge in outdoor activities like volleyball, swimming or softball.

Can’t bare to tear yourself away from your Total Gym completely? Let’s compromise. Spend 10 minutes on your Total Gym for a quick tone-up and then take your workout for a walk, run or light jog outside to boost your cardio.

New Exercise Combinations:

You don’t ever need to get off your Total Gym to get a great workout, but you can¦

Get off the board in-between sets and add functional exercises like squats, skaters and lunges to your workout. Adding hand weights, kettlebells or Plyo Balls as you perform these will further challenge you and create a more exciting and intense workout.

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