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ELEVATE Classes coming soon…

Elevate Personal Training Studios

A brand new wellness concept is coming to Macclesfield.

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State of the art global award winning products and concept.
We work with our clients to achieve their results quickly, efficiently and for the long term.
Health, weight loss, movement, flexibility, strength, improved confidence, stress management, fit for life.

Guaranteed results with our highly skilled, vastly experienced team.

Complementary unrivalled advanced holistic health assessment

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At Elevate Personal Training Studios, we want to make a difference in your life! We are an exclusive gym, full of global award winning Total Gym equipment. These products give you double the workout in half the time.

Cardio and strength training can be completed on these products and they are all adjustable to accommodate all levels of fitness, from beginner to a conditioned athlete.

We hold several classes a week including HIIT, Tabata, circuit and bootcamp training to help you push for success. Our team is vastly experienced from our Personal Trainers to other team members who all take part in regular gym sessions, we are all here to help you achieve your goals!

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PT Krissy

Krissy, a seasoned personal trainer and practitioner, is dedicated to providing top-notch coaching and customer service to her clients. With a compassionate and individualized approach, Krissy consistently achieves remarkable results in the realms of health, wellbeing, fitness, and nutrition. This not only has a direct positive impact on her clients’ physical well-being but also enhances their mental health and overall life. Her commitment to ongoing education ensures that she continually refines her skills, delivering consistently improved sessions for her clients. Krissy also integrates state-of-the-art Total Gym equipment at ELEVATE Personal Training Studios, enhancing the effectiveness of her training sessions. Specializing in Boxing, core workouts, weight training, HIIT, and stretching, Krissy offers a well-rounded and advanced fitness experience.

Level 3 Personal Trainer,  Level 4 Pre and Post natal certified,  Certified Fitness Coach,  Ex-international athlete


Amazed at the gym equipment, very little is needed to get a great work out. I started sessions with Klara which have been fantastic. I know it is going to be a long road, but Klara is very supportive and is extremely knowledgeable about what she does. I feel in very safe hands with her and everyone else at the gym.


I began my review with Klara quite anxious as I didn’t really know what to expect. She quickly put me at ease and explained exactly what would happen. Klara then carried out a detailed assessment based on the health appraisal questionnaire I had completed prior to my appointment. She was very professional and clearly had a depth of knowledge that was admirable. A most enjoyable experience.


If you are in need a whole body reset this is the place! The facility has state of the art gym equipment, Total Gym which will enable you to reach your goal, build your fitness and strength simultaneously whether you are coming back from injury or just in a plateau state. Working with the on-site PT each workout are bespoke to your needs. It is also a boutique environment allowing you to focus on your workout and nothing more!


I started here at the beginning of January and it’s the best equipment I have ever used, I have been going to gyms most my life and by far this is the best one! The staff and owners are amazing and will help you in any way that you wish. I have some days where I don’t feel like turning up but I do explain I can’t be bothered and then they work me to my best ability where giving up isn’t an option and when I’m finished I feel amazing within myself and mentally just to know the help is always here for me when ever I need it… the booking system is also amazing and so easy to use… if I was you if you need a gym this is the one by a mile… get up get motivated at join and you will see results quicker than a normal gym.


Superb venue, filled with some super effective and fabulous products and all run by a superb team of professionals and people.



What is the Holistic Review? An in-depth view of your current levels of holistic health related to your quality of life, hormonal function, gut health, adrenal output, sleep patterns and over all physical and mental performance. Static + Dynamic postural assessment. Identify + improve any physical distortions potentially causing you pain limited movement or function.


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Strength Workout



Jump Workout