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ELEVATE Classes coming soon…

Elevate Personal Training Studios

A brand new wellness concept is coming to Macclesfield.


State of the art global award winning products and concept.
We work with our clients to achieve their results quickly, efficiently and for the long term.
Health, weight loss, movement, flexibility, strength, improved confidence, stress management, fit for life.

Guaranteed results with our highly skilled, vastly experienced team.

Complementary unrivalled advanced holistic health assessment

Start your success story today with our limited offer

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At Elevate Personal Training Studios, we want to make a difference in your life! We are an exclusive gym, full of global award winning Total Gym equipment. These products give you double the workout in half the time.

Cardio and strength training can be completed on these products and they are all adjustable to accommodate all levels of fitness, from beginner to a conditioned athlete.

We hold several classes a week including HIIT, Tabata, circuit and bootcamp training to help you push for success. Our team is vastly experienced from our Personal Trainers to other team members who all take part in regular gym sessions, we are all here to help you achieve your goals!

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Opening times

  • Mon-Fri         7:00am – 7:00pm
  • Sat                  Group Personal Training
  • Sun                 Closed
  • Unit 7,
    Bridge Street Mills,
    Bridge Street,
    SK1 16QA


PT Klara Fialova

Klara is a highly experienced holistic trainer and practitioner, delivering the highest standards of coaching and customer service to her clients.  Taking an empathic and personalised approach, Klara is able to achieve impressive results and outcomes within the area of health, wellbeing, fitness, and nutrition which ultimately has a direct and positive impact across the client’s entire life both physically and mentally.

Her continual studies within the life sciences, nutrition, and holistic well-being enable her to continually improve and deliver consistently better sessions with her clients while also integrating and incorporating the effective and advanced Total Gym equipment here at Elevate Personal Training Studio.

Level 3 Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning, Certified Nutrition Coach, Pre & Postnatal Training, Boxercise & Padwork


I had my holistic review with Klara 4 weeks ago and since then I have lost half a stone. I've done this through taking her advice with my diet and training. Her knowledge is outstanding, and she was able to assess what issues I had very easily and created solutions for me to work on to fix these problems. Overall, very impressed by Klara and the holistic review.


Amazed at the gym equipment, very little is needed to get a great work out. I started sessions with Klara which have been fantastic. I know it is going to be a long road, but Klara is very supportive and is extremely knowledgeable about what she does. I feel in very safe hands with her and everyone else at the gym.


I began my review with Klara quite anxious as I didn’t really know what to expect. She quickly put me at ease and explained exactly what would happen. Klara then carried out a detailed assessment based on the health appraisal questionnaire I had completed prior to my appointment. She was very professional and clearly had a depth of knowledge that was admirable. A most enjoyable experience.


At first it was uncomfortable but the difference stretching, and massaging can make was insane. I felt so much better, and my flexibility has improved. Klara has great knowledge and could identify my issues just from looking at me stand up. She gave me great advice to improve my posture and flexibility.


I absolutely love this gym! The equipment is really easy to use and there are lots of different exercises for each piece of equipment. The staff are lovely, helpful and very encouraging, especially Andy! Klara is an amazing PT who is very supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and is so passionate about helping you change your life. Well worth the money.


Really great studio, fantastic kit and such a great workout from PT Klara. You also get a holistic review which looks at your posture, flexibility, nutrition, health and many other things. I’d highly recommend to anyone!


If you are in need a whole body reset this is the place! The facility has state of the art gym equipment, Total Gym which will enable you to reach your goal, build your fitness and strength simultaneously whether you are coming back from injury or just in a plateau state. Working with the on-site PT each workout are bespoke to your needs. It is also a boutique environment allowing you to focus on your workout and nothing more!


Myself and my husband have attended a few sessions in the Elevate Studio with PT Klara. The sessions are great, the equipment helps target all areas and you can definitely feel the difference the next day. Klara is very knowledgeable and supportive during our sessions, providing consistent advice with your positioning to ensure you are getting the best from the sessions.

Dan & Emma

The combination of a PT studio feel, with great equipment and a PT led complementary holistic review is unrivalled. Highly recommend.


I always have a great workout and the staff/PT are always on hand to help.



What is the Holistic Review? An in-depth view of your current levels of holistic health related to your quality of life, hormonal function, gut health, adrenal output, sleep patterns and over all physical and mental performance. Static + Dynamic postural assessment. Identify + improve any physical distortions potentially causing you pain limited movement or function.


Why not upgrade to our Premium memebership? Where you will get 4 small group training sessions a month with one of our Personal Trainers. You can choose from HIIT, Tabata, Bootcamp or Circuit. Theses sessions will help you to reach your goals quicker as you have more focused training with one of our proffesional Personal Trainers. As well as this you can book all your sessions 6 days in advance and secure you place in your chosen sessions before they get booked up.


Total Gym is the world’s leading privately-held manufacturer of functional and bodyweight training equipment. They continue to lead the industry with the latest functional training equipment, the award-winning GRAVITY Inside commercial fitness program and the new Total Gym Elevate Circuit, a line of 6 simple, intuitive and user-friendly single stations for the gym floor.


The Encompass now part of our ELEVATE series and award winning equipment anchor for GRAVITY, the time-efficient, personal training, group fitness and Pilates program that is generating excitement and new revenue in commercial facilities around the world.

Core Adjustable

The ELEVATE adjustable Core strengthens the abdominals while engaging the entire core musculature. Offering unparallel versatility for abdominal machine, the adjustable core is a plank facilitator that allows for two primary movements, the dynamic plank and the scrunch. Simple, intuitive and accommodating all fitness levels, it helps enhance basic ability for beginners while providing advanced strengthening and increased core muscle recruitment to challenge conditioned athletes.

Row Adjustable

An ingeniously unique rower that emulates a rowing movement pattern using adjustable bodyweight resistance, it produces a full body workout, integrating strength component into a fully adjustable cardio machine. It targets all the muscle groups simultaneously and enables a smooth consistent load through the entire range of motion, due to loaded concentric and eccentric phases of the exercise.


The ELEVATE Jump builds explosive power and develops lower body muscle mass with two primary movements, the squat and the squat jump. Uniquely designed to facilitate plyometric exercise leveraging both linear bodyweight resistance and band variable resistance, the Jump produces both concentric and eccentric loading of the muscles – allowing users to accelerate and decelerate quickly during a squat jump in a safe, controlled manner. Able to accommodate all levels of fitness, it supports the spine during traditional squat exercises so that users can comfortably control the descending and ascending phases of the squat, while providing an opportunity for advanced variations including single leg squats and staggered stance squats.


The ELEVATE Pull-Up utilizes incline bodyweight resistance to assist users in doing a proper pull-up strengthen the muscles of the upper body. Built on an adjustable incline with seven levels to select from, the ELEVATE pull-up allows users to lift approximately 30% to 60% of their own bodyweight.


The ELEVATE Press introduces a totally new way to do a shoulder press by placing users in an inverted position. Seven adjustable levels allow users to select a percentage of their own bodyweight as resistance. The Press also allow users to perform a decline push-up.


Chest And Tricep Workout

Pilates Workout

Top 5 Back Exercises