Total Gym offers two lines of commercial exercise equipment to meet your fitness facility’s needs: the Flagship Line providing total body training in one machine and the NEW Elevate Line – the first line of bodyweight resistance single-station machines designed as a strength circuit for the gym floor. Learn more about our commercial line of products.

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Total Gym equipment has been acknowledged as one of the most effective tools for functional rehabilitation. Our equipment allows clinicians to build injury-specific treatment protocols and training modalities that can accelerate successful patient outcomes for a variety of demands. Learn more about our products for physical therapy.

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With over 4 million home units sold, Total Gym leads the way with at home functional training exercise equipment. The Total Gym residential product line enables users to workout using their own bodyweight as resistance without leaving the comfort of their home. Learn more about our line of home gyms visit our Official Home Site.

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Welcome to Total Gym, the number one place to buy gym equipment in the UK. Built on the success of our flagship product – the Elevate Series Total Gym Encompass – Total Gym equipment has spent more than four decades helping people create effective workouts. Found everywhere from homes and gyms to hospitals and physical therapy clinics, our Total Gym equipment ranges continue to improve workouts and functional rehabilitation. We have the ideal equipment for helping you better help your clients.

The Place To Buy Gym Equipment

Total Gym UK is a product line of exercise machines used for strength cardio, sculpt, flexibility, Pilates and Physiotherapy.

For over four decades, Total Gym fitness equipment has been in health clubs, physiotherapy clinics, Pilates studios, hospitals, universities, professional sports facilities as well as homes around the world. Not only has the brand become popular with those that work in professional fields and settings, but it has become a household favourite for those who like to workout at home.

So why is Total Gym UK the best place to buy gym equipment? Total Gym products are for anyone and everyone, we pride ourselves on our unique on trend functional bodyweight incline training products.

Our machines provide a huge array of exercises for all levels of ability with online virtual workout programming available for the end user, we have numerous programmes to build muscle, lose weight, sculpt, and provide flexibility as well as Pilates and Physiotherapy workout applications.

Total Gym equipment has huge benefits over the older one dimensional traditional machines with our equipment helping you to move your body weight against the force of gravity in a multitude of different ways to give you the best workout possible.

We invite you to our relentless pursuit of the best workout experience.


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An amazing workout has never been more accessible thanks to the Total Gym home gym equipment range. Total Gym is the go-to place to buy gym equipment for your home. With Total Gym you can create a customised home workout tailored to your goals and needs.

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Total Gym goes far beyond creating an amazing workout. Functional rehabilitation is one of the core offerings from the Total Gym equipment range. The recovery series physio equipment is designed with physiotherapy in mind, helping you accelerate recovery and accommodate your patient’s strength and mobility.

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Total Gym is here to help you develop the best workout possible, using your own bodyweight as resistance. This has been the aim of Total Gym since its inception. Now with ranges for commercial gyms, home use and physical therapy, Total Gym started with a single machine.

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